iDEAL Principle

Each of us has our own individuality, and it is through the clash of our personalities that new creations and businesses are created.

The most important thing in the clash of personalities and individuality is “communication”.

If you know your opponent and know yourself, you will never be defeated in a hundred battles.

How can we use the words of Sun Tzu in today’s society?

By knowing the communication style of the other party and yourself, and by changing your style freely, communication reaches the level of collaboration.

iDEAL’s philosophy is “from communication to collaboration”.

  • We are not just in the comfort zone.
  • Crossing the Language Barrier
  • Embrace the customs of other cultures.
  • Soul to soul collide to create a new creation.

If he, she moves, collaboration will happen.

We will do our best to support the construction of such a society.